Future Interstate 422 and Brookside’s Economic Life

Roger McCondichie, mayor of Brookside, says that the future comes with an important number: 422. The new Interstate 422 —the proposed Northern Beltline highway— will include an exit for Brookside.

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The Best Investment a Nation Ever Made

Without the Interstate Highway System, America would be a less prosperous, less safe and less comfortable place to live.

This study looks at the first 40 years of the System and calls it “The Best Investment A Nation Ever Made.”

Taken from the executive summary:

The Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways is in place and celebrating its 40th anniversary, must surely be the best investment a nation ever made.

Consider this:

  • It has enriched the quality of life for virtually every American.
  • It has saved the lives of at least 187,000 people.
  • It has prevented injuries to nearly 12 million people.
  • It has returned more than $6 in economic productivity for each $1 it cost.
  • It has positioned the nation for improved international competitiveness.
  • It has permitted the cherished freedom of personal mobility to flourish.
  • It has enhanced international security.

Birmingham News Op-Ed

Coalition for Regional Transportation Op-Ed Column – The Birmingham News

Your readers were recently treated to a classic propaganda piece trashing the Northern Beltline funded by the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), an activist group of lawyers well known in our area for cloaking their anti-growth agenda beneath a veneer of environmentalism.

Now that we have finally reached the point in the process at which construction of the first segment of the much-needed Beltline (future I-422) is about to start, the SELC and its allies are desperate to do anything they can to slow down or even stop this vitally important project. They know that losing this battle is tantamount to losing the war. Their solution: a “study” from an out-of-state firm—the Ochs Center—notorious for mischaracterizing data to support the claims of anti-growth clients like SELC.

The Internet is replete with instances in which the Ochs Center has used speculative and highly flawed analysis in an attempt to discredit development projects and discourage economic growth and development.

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