What is the Coalition for Regional Transportation?

The Coalition for Regional Transportation (CRT) is an advocacy group that builds broad support for surface-transportation projects that will benefit the Birmingham region.

We unify communities and stakeholders across the region in support of transportation projects that will create jobs, alleviate traffic congestion and improve overall safety.

We maintain a productive relationship with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and policymakers, serving as a connector between these groups and local communities.

CRT has been advocating for surface-transportation projects in the Birmingham region since 2008.

View CRT’s new report entitled, “The Road to Jobs: Breaking Ground on the Northern Beltline.”

What does CRT Do?

The Coalition for Regional Transportation (CRT) works alongside stakeholders and policymakers at all levels to increase understanding of surface-transportation needs and opportunities for the Birmingham region.

We actively share information with diverse audiences, gather insights from communities throughout the region and advocate for transportation projects that will increase efficiency and stimulate economic development. We focus our efforts on improving quality of life through surface-transportation projects.

Through our work and activities, CRT aims to:


We research and study the potential benefits of future surface-transportation projects for the Birmingham region and share our findings with stakeholders. By providing accurate and accessible information on impactful transportation projects, we effectively are able to build an informed support base for projects.


We unify policymakers, members of the business community and the public in support of surface-transportation projects that offer significant benefits to the Birmingham region. We seek to involve everyone as we work to advance identified opportunities.


Our relationships with stakeholders in the private and public sectors allow us to be effective when advocating for surface-transportation projects that will improve quality of life for residents and create economic development opportunities in the Birmingham region. Through a broad coalition of informed supporters, we encourage ongoing communications activities, engagement initiatives and thoughtful public forums.