What is the Coalition for Regional Transportation (CRT)?

The Coalition for Regional Transportation (CRT) is an advocacy group that builds broad support for surface-transportation projects that will benefit the Birmingham region.

We unify communities and stakeholders across the region in support of transportation projects that will create jobs, alleviate traffic congestion and improve overall safety.

We maintain a productive relationship with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and policymakers, serving as a connector between these groups and local communities. CRT has been advocating for surface-transportation projects in the Birmingham region since 2008.

View CRT’s new report entitled, “The Road to Jobs: Breaking Ground on the Northern Beltline.”

What is the Northern Beltline?

The Northern Beltline is a 52.5 mile interstate that will run through northern Jefferson County. Currently, Birmingham is one of the few cities of its size in the U.S. that does not have a complete, connected interstate route to serve its metropolitan area.

After years of work from supporters across the region, construction of the Northern Beltline began in 2014! Moving forward, the people of Birmingham will enjoy significant economic benefits both during and after construction of the interstate.

According to the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Alabama, the Northern Beltline will create nearly 70,000 new jobs during the construction phase and nearly 21,000 new jobs each year after construction is complete.

The total economic impact of the Northern Beltline is expected to be $7 billion during construction and more than $2 billion each year after it is built. Our tax base will be expanded by growth around the Northern Beltline and its 15 exits. 

During the construction period, we will realize nearly $155 million in new tax revenue.  After the construction phase, sales, income and property taxes generated by the project will come to $54 million each year.