Visiting the Road to Jobs

Recently, members of the Coalition for Regional Transportation (CRT) team visited the Northern Beltline construction site in Pinson, Alabama. The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) coordinated the visit and, throughout the experience, highlighted many of the construction features that have progressed since 2014.


The permanent detention basins sparked the team’s interest immediately. During road construction projects, ALDOT engineers often create temporary detention basins that help manage the amount of storm water deposited into surrounding waterways.

In the case of the Northern Beltline, several of the basins will continue to exist after construction is complete. After the project is finished, several large pumps will be removed and the basins will remain.

Through this approach, natural land features, rather than pumps, will filter the storm water before it reaches the basin. The basin will then hold the water and release it slowly into the waterways. Below is a picture of a permanent detention basin.


One of the most interesting aspects of the tour is exploring the future bridge sites. Currently, no bridges have been constructed for phase one.

Thankfully, the ALDOT team helps visitors envision where the bridges will be built – an exercise that requires some creativity.

Once you make the connection and visualize the bridges, you begin to realize the impressive size and scope the project. Below you will see a photo that highlights the starting point of one of the bridges. 


When this phase of the project is complete, drivers will be able to enjoy a connected route between Alabama State Highways 75 and 79. As the Northern Beltline project continues to move forward, it is exciting to see how the Road to Jobs will connect communities throughout our state – sparking economic growth and reducing congestion.

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