Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

 An Economic Analysis of Transportation infrastructure Investment from the National Economic Council and the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Report-Cover.PNGAccording to the White House’s An Economic Analysis of Transportation infrastructure Investment, America’s transportation infrastructure is not keeping up with the growing economy.

What are some of the benefits for infrastructure investment, according to the report? Long-term competitiveness, shipment reliability, travel times, land values, local economic development and job creation can benefit from transportation investments. 

Quality transportation infrastructure plays an important role in stimulating healthy economic development. The long term economic benefits from infrastructure investment make for cost and ease of transportation benefits for businesses, consumers, workers and families.

Well-connected surface-transportation can mean less road congestion which would result in saved fuel and time on the road. And less time spent in traffic means more time for productive activity. The cost of inadequate transportation investment is apparent. According to the White House’s report, American commuters in urban areas collectively lost 5.5 billion hours stuck in traffic in 2011 and spent $120 billion in added fuel costs and wasted time.

From a local standpoint, it is important to increase our understanding of surface-transportation needs and assess opportunities for the Birmingham region. The benefits which this report covers are applicable to surface-transportation projects in the Birmingham region.

CRT’s relationships with stakeholders in the private and public sectors allow us to be effective when advocating for surface-transportation projects that will improve quality of life for residents and create economic development opportunities in the Birmingham region. Through a broad coalition of informed supporters, we encourage ongoing communications activities, engagement initiatives and thoughtful public forums.

Read the White House’s report here.